nina ruminska

275 a Firenze

At the age of six my Mum signed me up for my first art class and ever since then, art has always been my thing. It was not until my mid-20s however, when I realised I wanted to pursue a career in art and it became a serious part of my life. In October 2018, I moved to the Mecca of Art – Florence, to study art full time. This was my dream come true.

The overwhelming amount of new discoveries, daily insights and ‘a-ha!’ moments inspired me to set up a notebook where I would write all the new things that I learned, alongside some quotes and references. This album is a collage of what I have figured out, while showcasing some of the work that was created during my time in Florence.

The pieces presented in this book were originally going to be exhibited in my hometown, Toruń, Poland. However, due to the pandemic in 2020 these plans got cancelled at the last minute. The idea has then emerged, to present the work in a format of an album.

Majority of work in the album is available for sale. Price list for larger pieces is available here. For more work, including sketches, and more details please go to the shop section.

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